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Let Yourself Go 6 CD Set

Boulder, CO: Sounds True Inc. 2008

Price: $69.95

If you took your hands off the steering wheel of your life and allowed yourself to relax and be the passenger, what would happen? Or as Arjuna Ardagh puts it, what would your life be like if you set aside your need to control reality, and without judgmental beliefs embraced all that arose in any given moment? On Let Yourself Go, this visionary author and teacher invites you to discover what's really driving our life - an intricate system of unexamined points of view that upon conscious and compassionate investigation naturally release their hold. The result: the effortless joy, serenity, and insight of the awakened state.

On Let Yourself Go, you join Arjuna Ardagh for a progressive series of exercises that leads you through the mental, physical, emotional, and energetic levels where our points of view manifest. With him, you will learn to liberate even the most deeply held convictions that obscure your true identity.

"When you stop hallucinating and ask who is really behind the wheel, you embark on the journey toward incurable sanity," explains Arjuna Ardagh. Your ticket to ride: the desire for freedom and a willingness for self-inquiry. Now with Let Yourself Go, you have Arjuna Ardagh as your guide for more than seven hours of teachings and practices to help your experience the freedom and power of life "beyond belief."

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