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Relaxing into Clear Seeing

Nevada City, CA: Self X Press, 2003

Price: $18.95

At once deeply spiritual and eminently practical, Arjuna Ardagh's first book presents a powerful integration of Western psychospiritual technologies and the enduring wisdom of the East. Arjuna Ardagh, who has studied with some of the great spiritual adepts of our age, articulates the essential view common to all mysticism: By seeing through our false identification with a separate self, we can awaken to our real nature as awareness itself.

The book applies the nondual view of "Clear Seeing" to every aspect of life and demonstrates how so-called problems evaporate as we challenge the conditioned habits of the mind. Ardagh's penetrating insights into the human experience offer a fresh look at the realms of relationship, emotion, money, belief systems, and spiritual practice.

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